[DEMO Unit, Pickup Only] Axolotl LAT / ROW Pulley

[DEMO Unit, Pickup Only] Axolotl LAT / ROW Pulley

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The Mighty Fitness Axolotl Pulley – Unleash Your Strength

Introducing the Axolotl Pulley, the latest innovation from Mighty Fitness. Our multifunctional, weight-loadable pulley and row rack is set to revolutionize your training regime. With a compact footprint and an impressive weight capacity, this versatile machine offers an array of workouts that target multiple muscle groups.

Features and Specifications:

  • Size: Standing at 86” tall and occupying a 65” x 48” footprint, this space-efficient machine is the perfect fit for any fitness setting.

  • Material: The Axolotl Pulley is constructed using robust 3x3” 11-gauge steel, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Its sturdy construction ensures durability that will last for years.

  • Weight Capacity: Load it up with Olympic plates and push your limits. With a remarkable weight capacity of 400lbs, this rack is built for heavy lifting.

  • Footplate: The diamond-tread adjustable footplate provides a secure base, ensuring you can workout in comfort, even during the most demanding sessions.

  • Pulleys: Equipped with 4" nylon pulleys that are designed to reduce friction, this machine ensures a smooth, fluid motion while prolonging the life of the cable.

  • Cable Protection: The cable is protected by UHMW plastic to further enhance the longevity and performance of the equipment.

  • Attachments: The Axolotl Pulley comes with several different bars, as shown in the product pictures, allowing you to customize your workout experience.

Workouts and Targeted Muscle Groups:

The Axolotl Pulley allows you to unlock your potential with a variety of exercises:

  • Lateral Pulldowns: Sculpt your back, shoulders, and arms. This exercise targets the latissimus dorsi, the largest muscle in your back, along with your deltoids, biceps, and forearm muscles.

  • Rows: Develop your back, shoulders, and arms. Rows work the rhomboids, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi in your back, as well as your biceps.

  • Tricep Pushdowns, Bicep Curls, and More: With the change of an attachment, transform your workout and target different muscle groups. Whether it’s your arms, shoulders, or back, the Axolotl Pulley supports all your strength goals.

The Axolotl Pulley's Olympic plate loadable feature makes it a far more cost-effective choice compared to stacked systems, which can be pricey. This means you can enjoy a high-level workout experience without breaking the bank.

Experience the Mighty Fitness Axolotl Pulley – the perfect balance of quality, versatility, and affordability. Don't just train, train Mighty!

Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Scarlett Patel

Mighty Fitness hit the mark with this one. The Axolotl Pulley is a gem in my home gym. It's sturdy, versatile, and helps me achieve my fitness goals.

Jack Hayes

Overall, a great lat row pulley. It does the job well, but I found the assembly a bit challenging. That said, it's worth the effort for the results it delivers.

Eliana Carter

This lat row pulley is top-tier. It's smooth as silk and provides the perfect amount of resistance. It's my secret weapon for sculpting my back muscles.

Lily Robinson

I can't say enough good things about this pulley system. It's versatile, and I love the variety of exercises I can do. Mighty Fitness has delivered excellence once again.

Owen Price

The Axolotl Lat Row Pulley has become my go-to for back workouts. It's smooth, and I can feel the burn with every rep. A fantastic addition to my home gym!

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