About Us

Mighty Fitness is a fitness brand specializing in home gym equipment. It is our goal to motivate you and provide you with the means to get healthy and Mighty Fit.

We are determined to get Mighty Gyms into homes all across North America. 

Mighty Fitness emerged out of necessity in 2020. With gyms being inaccessible to all, we recognized the importance of staying fit in the comfort of our home. We like to stay active and wanted to provide our community with the same opportunity.
Fast forward to 2022, we now have access to both public and homegyms - a hybrid approach. Having a homegym leaves little room for excuses and will motivate you to move and work! A constant reminder is what we need. A constant reminder to remember what's important: our health. It is our greatest wealth. Let us help transform your garage, office, basement, bedroom or even your backyard into a Migthy Den.

We have created our products with great detail and aesthetic - unbeatable prices as well top-notch quality. We carry all the essentials you will need to create your dream gym. 

Stay Mighty Fit in your home. 

Mighty Fitness - We Lift With You

Believe in the power of calluses. 

We are determined to get weights into your hands. Mighty Fitness products are designed with you in mind. Let's become the best version of ourselves. Goals are achieved when you become comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Mighty Fitness - We believe in our products because we use them too.

We will lift with you.

We believe in our products because we use them too. 

We rise by lifting up others. It is our goal to stay fit and inspire you to join us in our journey. Your health is your greatest wealth. Let's lift together and motivate others to lift. Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're done.


Mighty Fitness - Athletes with Dumbbells

Home Gyms are Essential

One thing is for certain, the world will not go back to the way it was and there's no reason it should. We can strive to make our world now a Mightier place. A hybrid of public and homegym is the new normalcy. We believe homegyms are now a integral part of our lives.  

Having easy access to a homegym will leave little room for excuses and will motivate you to move and work! Let's get after our goals.