Black fang Spotter Arms

Black Fang Spotter Arms

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Black Fang Spotter Arms – Safety for Intense Workouts

Elevate your lifting sessions with the unparalleled safety of the Black Fang Spotter Arms from Mighty Fitness. Specially designed for compatibility with 3" x 3" uprights featuring 1" holes in our Elite Series Racks, these spotter arms are an essential addition for any serious lifter.

Advanced Safety and Support: The Black Fang Spotter Arms are engineered to provide the utmost safety during your most intense and heavy lifting sessions. Whether you're bench pressing, squatting, or performing any heavy barbell exercises, these arms offer the reliable support and peace of mind needed to push your limits.

Robust and Durable Construction: Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the Black Fang Spotter Arms are built to endure the toughest workouts. The sturdy design ensures they can support substantial weight, making them suitable for lifters of all levels. The powder-coated finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also provides an extra layer of durability.

Perfect Fit for Elite Series Racks: Specifically tailored for the Elite Series Racks, these spotter arms guarantee a perfect fit and seamless integration with your existing setup. The precision design ensures they are both easy to attach and adjust, allowing for quick transitions between different exercises and heights.

Protective Padding for Barbell Care: Understanding the value of your equipment, the Black Fang Spotter Arms come equipped with protective padding. This feature helps safeguard your barbell against scratches and damage, extending the life of your equipment while also reducing noise during racking and un-racking.

Compact and Efficient: Though robust in build, the Black Fang Spotter Arms boast a compact design, ensuring they don't consume unnecessary space in your training area. This makes them an ideal choice for home gyms and commercial settings alike.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 3" x 3" uprights with 1" holes in Elite Series Racks.
  • Heavy-duty construction for maximum safety and durability.
  • Easy installation and adjustment for a variety of workouts.
  • Protective padding to safeguard your barbell and reduce noise.
  • Compact design that fits seamlessly in any gym environment.

With the Black Fang Spotter Arms, you can confidently take on heavier weights and more challenging workouts, knowing that your safety is in good hands. Upgrade your gym setup with Mighty Fitness and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Michael Gerkhardt
Heavy Duty!

These safety arms are SOLID. Attached them to my jammer arms for safety purposes and to add more resistance to the arms themselves. Fit perfectly

Eric Leduc
A Must when going heavy alone!

I knew I had to order these since I often workout by myself in my garage gym. The confidence and safety these provide for heavy bench and squats is well worth the price.

Kevin Jones
Highly recommended

These are extremely well-made (like all Mighty products are) and very sturdy. While not light to the touch, they are still fairly easy to move around, accommodating various user heights and uses.

Sharon Ann Zuzarte

I put 600 lbs on these and then stood on the bar, I'm 240 lbs. They not only help up great but they didn't wiggle at al

Tim Bradley
Heavy duty and a must-have when training alone!

I train alone and kind of like being alive so I got these to go along with my mighty rack. The plastic lining is great for protection your bar. Easy to install and remove.

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