Reaper Straight Curl Bar 4 FOOT - 330Lbs (6161181114544)

Reaper - Straight Barbell - 4ft

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Don’t be afraid to push your limits!

The Reaper Barbell is an entry level bar in the world of home gyms and personal equipment. The shorter length of 4 feet is ideal for spaces that require a smaller and precise fit. The straight edge design gives you the assurance that you are lifting with all form and function.

Designed with the safety of our clients in mind, the Reaper is steel plated to give you that extra bit of tensile strength. What’s impressive is that despite its small size, the Reaper offers a double bearing design with double copper sleeves. This gives it a bearing rating of 330lbs.

Lift hard and play hard!



Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Length – 48 Inch, 1.2m

Grasping Diameter: - 28 mm

Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
William Alex Shawn

I'm impressed with this curl bar, but I found it a bit heavy. Still, it's a solid piece of equipment for sculpting those biceps. 4 stars.

Michael Benjamin

The Reaper Curl Bar is a game-changer. The grip is spot on, and it's become an essential tool in my arm workout arsenal. Five stars without hesitation!

Christopher James

This curl bar is a must-have for serious lifters. It's versatile and has improved the effectiveness of my arm exercises. Five stars for its performance!

David Jack

I'm satisfied with the Reaper Curl Bar, but the knurling could be slightly smoother. Nonetheless, it's a valuable addition to my arm workout routine. 4 stars.

Jason Matt

This curl bar is a beast. It's sturdy and has a comfortable grip. It's made my arm workouts more effective and enjoyable. A solid 5-star product.

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