Gladius - Multi-Grip Barbell

Gladius - Multi-Grip Barbell

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Get the Right Grip on Your Lift!

When you want to maximize your grip, you have to find ways to lift that are unconventional. This is where the Gladius Multi-Grip bar comes along!

Our Gladius Multi-Grip Bar is made with the same tough-as nails design that you have come to know with the Mighty Fitness brand. This comes with two sleeves that are loadable with Olympic Weights. This gives you the full advantage of adding this bar into your normal routine, without having to worry about changing your entire aesthetic.

Often called the Swiss-bar, this Multi-Grip bar is designed to target the muscles that you intend on working. There are 4- Grips available allowing you to flex in ways a traditional barbell won't let you.  These angled grips helps reduce any impact on certain full range of motion activities. The shoulders usually take a big impact during athletes using traditional barbells. A traditional barbell also has an increase in wear on your wrists due to the locked movement. A Multi-grip bar reduces the stress and helps build a strong foundation to get that perfect form!

Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

Customer Reviews

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Great Bar + Question about weight

This bar is great for a variety of reasons, the main being safer for shoulder when learning the Bench press or rehab on the pec.

What does this bar weigh?

Matteo Holloway

The Gladius Multi-Grip Barbell is a game-changer, but assembly took a bit longer than expected. Once set up, it's sturdy and diversifies my exercises. Four stars overall!

Celeste Trudeau

I couldn't be happier with the Gladius Multi-Grip Barbell. It adds variety to my workouts and feels solid during lifts. The multiple grips cater to different muscle groups. Five stars!

Gregory Charles
Football Bar

I bought this bar to add various grip types for our athletes to build more well round strength and taking torque off their shoulders. Its been great product

Viyashar Sri
Great Bar!

The bar is overbuilt as all things Mighty are. Its very well balanced in the hands and I have no issues with it pitching forward or backward on me while benching.

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