Mighty Fitness Bumper Plate rubber olympic 2 inch. 45 lb
Mighty Fitness Bumper Plate rubber olympic 2 inch. 45 lb
Mighty Fitness Bumper Plate rubber olympic 2 inch. 10 lb
Mighty Fitness Bumper Plate rubber olympic 2 inch. 15 lb
Mighty Fitness Bumper Plate rubber olympic 2 inch. 25 lb
Mighty Fitness Bumper Plate rubber olympic 2 inch. 35 lb
Mighty Fitness Bumper Plates olympic barbell

Mighty Bumper Plates - Elite

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MIGHTY Bumper Plates - Elite

Lift them and Drop them!

260lbs set includes pairs of: 45s, 35s, 25s, 15s & 10s - 260lbs in total.

160lbs set contains pairs of: 45s, 25s & 10s - 160lbs in total.

Plates are sold and priced as pairs.

Mighty Fitness Olympic Bumper plates come with raised lettering, giving you that extra edge in aesthetic design. Our Bumper plates come with a 2-inch collar, that will fit the standard Olympic barbell. A thin design allows for more versatility and increased bar capacity. Push your lift game to its absolute limits! 

Mighty Fitness - Bumper Plates - Durometer Rating

Available in various weights, suitable for all levels of training from beginner to pro-athlete

BUMPER Plate Specs

Hardness of the plates is rated at 85 Shore A

Diameter is Standard 450mm 

Collar Opening is 50.4mm

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%

Insert Type: Stainless Steel Insert 

Material: Recycled Rubber

Drop Test: 45,000 Times 

Bumper Plates

Safety is a key priority when it comes to optimizing your workout. You should never have to double guess the equipment you are using. That’s why at Mighty Fitness, we have worked hard to create rubber compound made to withstand drops, time and time again. The High-grade finish will give you confidence in what you lift and how you drop.

All plates have a standard diameter offering easy storage and stacking options. Look into our Bumblebee storage option!

A recycled rubber bumper plate.

Mighty Fitness - Our Bumper Plates have been drop-tested 45,000 times. They have a standard diameter of 450 mm, smooth surface, and a weight tolerance 1% of its target. Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber, the Mighty Fitness Bumper offer a gentle bounce and durability to last.

Our Bumper Plates are available individually. Customize your home gym or any training facility with these plates. If you are looking for a well priced quality product made to last and take a lot damage, the Mighty Fitness - Bumper Plates will not disappoint.

Stay Fit, Stay Mighty. 

Benefits of Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are a type of weight plate for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit-style workouts and more. Unlike the common iron or steel metal weight plates or discs, bumper plates are made of almost 100% rubber or urethane, with a small metal "insert" in the center.

Here are some benefits of using bumper plates:

  • Durability: Bumper plates are designed to withstand the impact of being dropped from overhead, which is common in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit workouts. They are made from a high-density rubber that absorbs the impact, protecting the floor and the barbell.
  • Safety: The rubber design of bumper plates also makes them safer. They bounce when dropped, reducing the risk of injury if a weight is accidentally dropped on a foot, for example.
  • Standardized: All bumper plates, regardless of weight, have the same diameter. This standardization is important in Olympic lifting where the starting position of lifts is standardized based on the diameter of the plate.
  • Versatility: Bumper plates are versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises, not just Olympic lifts. They can be used for traditional strength training exercises, as well as functional fitness and powerlifting.

History of Bumper Plates

The history of bumper plates is tied to the history of Olympic weightlifting, as they were developed to meet the needs of this sport. The first bumper plates were made of solid, dense rubber. They were designed to be dropped from overhead without damaging the lifting platform, the weights, or the athlete.

Over time, bumper plates have evolved and improved. Today, they are made from a high-density rubber or urethane that is durable yet has enough bounce to absorb the impact of being dropped. The center insert is made of steel and is designed to fit snugly on an Olympic barbell.

While bumper plates were originally designed for Olympic weightlifting, they have become popular for home gyms and for functional fitness workouts like CrossFit, due to their durability and safety.

How are Bumper Plates Different from Other Plates?

Bumper plates differ from traditional metal plates in several ways:

  • Material: Bumper plates are made from rubber or urethane, which makes them more durable and safer to drop than metal plates.
  • Size: All bumper plates have the same diameter, regardless of weight. This is not the case with metal plates, which are smaller in diameter and thicker for heavier weights.
  • Use: Bumper plates are designed for dynamic lifts like the snatch and the clean and jerk, where the barbell is dropped from overhead. Metal plates are not designed to be dropped.

Despite these differences, bumper plates and metal plates can be used interchangeably in most workouts. The choice between the two usually comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of the workout or lift.


For more information, visit the MIGHTY Bumper Plates - Elite product page.

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David Bosse

Mighty Bumper Plates - Elite

Hasan Siregar

Mighty Bumper Plates - Elite


Love them! Quality is really good. Would buy again.

Alex D
Sweet bumpers

These bumpers are solid and great quality and they look amazing, highly recommended. Got them on sale so it was a no brainer.


Mighty Fitness did an excellent job with these bumper plates. They've held up perfectly despite daily use. Worth every penny for home gym enthusiasts like me.

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