Hyperion - Trap Bar

Hyperion - Trap Bar

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Lift Mighty! Lift with a HEX bar!

Our Hyperion Hex Trap Bar is a true performance bars. Sometimes HEX bars are also referred to as TRAP BARS. With our Hyperion Hex Trap Bar, perfect deadlifts are one lift away! These barbells give you the satisfaction that you look for when you are trying to get that perfect lift.
Choose your grip with handles that provide the perfect  knurling perfectly, helping you optimize the grip you need. This is the same high quality construction methods you are used to with our MIGHTY FITNESS brand. The Hyperion Hex Trap Bar is constructed from heavy duty steel frame and sealed with chrome finish, making it the Mighty choice for you!
Functional strength building isn't easy. Using a Barbell to deadlift won't translate into the real world. Our Hex bar offers you that real world fitness training, that you can't get from a normal barbell. HEX bars are made specially for your day to day routine!

1) Natural Grip 

Not only is this a more comfortable grip, it takes less toll on your body as well. Traditional barbells have awkward grips when it comes to maximizing your lift. With HEX bars, you have the option of gripping with your palms faced towards your body This reduces strain on your body and makes for more of a natural grip.

2) Centre of Mass Targeting

There's nothing quite like stepping into our Hyperion Hex Trap Bar. You are at the exact center of the mass, This helps you target the right muscle groups. You don't have to worry about holding a barbell in the exact center as YOU ARE THE CENTER. this puts your energy and concentration on the lift. HEX bars help you target your individual muscles during a lift. Your Glute muscles as well as your LATS are targeted specifically and this leads to MORE GAINS!

3) Form and Function

You often hear that how you lift is more critical than how much you lift. Getting that form right is crucial in building the foundation to fitness training.  Reducing shock when performing a clean lift, a HEX bar is ideal because the handles are higher. That means more freedom to start the lift with your hips and knees and minimize lower-back stress. 

Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Michael Fraser
happy customer

good price , free shipping , items arrived in a timely manner and where exactly as expected.

Imani Mitchell

The Hyperion Trap Bar is a valuable addition to my home gym. It's sturdy and versatile, allowing me to perform various exercises. While it's excellent, it could benefit from a more aggressive knurling on the handles for added grip. 4 stars.

Declan O'Malley

The Hyperion Trap Bar is a game-changer for my strength training routine. The knurling on the handles provides a secure grip, and the durability is impressive. It's a must-have for serious lifters. Five stars!

Sofia Morales

The Hyperion Hex Trap Bar is fantastic. It's comfortable to use, and the quality is evident. It's versatile, making it a great investment for my workouts. Five stars without hesitation!

Aiden Blackhawk

I'm impressed with the Hyperion Trap Bar, but it could use a bit more padding on the handles for comfort. Nevertheless, it's a solid performer and a valuable asset for anyone looking to build strength. 4 stars.

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