BIGFOOT Land Mine Attachment - Elite

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Mighty Lifts, Explosive Results!

The BigFoot Land Mine Attachment is dynamic addition for your Elite Series Rack! Quick and easy attachment, our Land Mine is a dynamic tool! 

Made with a high grade steel construction, the BigFoot Land Mine Attachment is perfect for ! Giving you full adjustability is the key and that's what our BigFoot offers! The rotating bolt will help you get the right angle in tight spaces. It is simple plug and play, made for 3x3 racks with a 21mm hole. Easy of use and setup is important when you are trying to be efficient in your workout regime!

Land Mines provide a workout that gives you full rotational angles. They provide a great option for leg workouts with our Elite Series Power Racks .This includes workouts that rely on range of motion such as Single Arm Rotational Press, Split Rows and even Lunges!


Dimensions / Specs:
Hole Insert Diameter: 21mm ( 13/16 " ,  0.8125" )


Getting that Land Mine Form Correct

1) Use your hips for rotational exercises, using your feet to pivot

2) Use your shoulders as a guide to keep the bar in line, bringing the weight in closer to your body 

3) Get the form right! When using a landmine, the bar goes in an arc-shape, and its important to get used to it

4)Its easy to add the weights once you have built proper technique for lifting.


Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

Customer Reviews

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Leif Runningfox

I'm impressed with the Bigfoot Land Mine Attachment. Its design is sturdy and provides a great range of motion for various exercises. It's an essential tool in my gym now. 5 stars!

Delilah Wildrose

Mighty Fitness has delivered a winner with this attachment. It's robust, easy to use, and adds a new level of variety to my workouts. A must-have for any fitness enthusiast. Five stars!

Soren Nightowl

The Bigfoot Land Mine Attachment is great, but it requires a bit of extra care during setup. Once in place, it's fantastic for improving my lifting routine. 4 stars.

Beckett Redcliff

This attachment is incredibly versatile. The quality is impressive, and it's perfect for adding new dimensions to my strength training. Highly recommended. Five stars!

Yara Wolfcreek

The Bigfoot Land Mine Attachment is a game-changer for my workouts. Its versatility allows me to target various muscle groups with ease. An excellent addition to my home gym. Five stars!

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