Amphibian Plates & barbell Storage Rack

Amphibian - Plates and Barbells Storage Rack

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Amphibian Plate Storage – Your Ultimate Olympic Plate Organizer

Introducing the Amphibian Plate Storage – where robust design meets functionality, tailored for the fitness enthusiast who values organization and durability.

Sturdy Construction
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Amphibian Plate Storage boasts a robust and solid structure, ensuring it can handle the weight of your heaviest Olympic plates with ease. The reinforced framework guarantees longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for both home gyms and commercial fitness centers.

Efficient Design
Sporting 6 individual bars, the Amphibian Plate Storage offers ample space to house a diverse range of Olympic plates. Whether you've got 2.5 lb plates or those bulky 45 lb plates, each bar provides a dedicated spot, ensuring you can segregate and access weights efficiently. This thoughtful design not only helps in easy identification but also promotes quicker plate changes, ensuring your workout remains uninterrupted.

Dual Barbell Holders
Understanding the diverse needs of modern weightlifters, the Amphibian Plate Storage comes equipped with two dedicated barbell holders. These holders are strategically placed to offer easy storage without compromising on the overall footprint of the unit. Whether you're stowing away an Olympic barbell or a specialty bar, these holders got you covered.

Space-Saving & Aesthetic
While it's a beast in terms of functionality, the Amphibian Plate Storage is designed to be compact. Its vertical orientation ensures it occupies minimal floor space, making it a perfect fit even in tight spaces. Furthermore, its sleek design and polished finish add a touch of elegance to your workout area, ensuring it looks as good as it performs.

Key Features:

  • 6 Individual Storage Bars: For organized and easy access to different plate weights.
  • Dual Barbell Holders: Designed to accommodate a variety of barbells, ensuring your workout space remains clutter-free.
  • Robust Build: Manufactured using high-quality materials, promising durability and stability.
  • Space Efficient: Its design ensures maximum storage without taking up much room, making it ideal for any gym space.

The Amphibian Plate Storage isn't just another storage rack. It's a testament to what happens when functionality meets design. No more scattered plates. No more searching for that elusive barbell. Everything you need, organized, accessible, and in one place. Upgrade your gym space with the Amphibian Plate Storage and experience a new standard in weight organization.

Dimensions :

Height: 56 inches

Width : 30 inches

Length : 30 inches

Weight: 42 Lbs

Work Out Now, Pay Over Time – With 0% Stress!

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